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Golden Visa Programs

Are you considering a new residency in a country somewhere in the European Union? If you are thinking of investing in real estate or starting a new business, you may benefit from one of the investment visa programs available throughout the world. In this post you will learn more about the best residence by investment programs that will grant you investor’s visa, and how to get started.

How to obtain the Investor Visa?

The main thing that goes into getting a EU golden visa is having both investment capital, and the resources to live in a foreign country. Conditions and criteria for the investor’s visa change from country to country, and there are many investment options where your money can get to work. The ideal setting for this process begins when you are familiar with the country you are aiming to live in, followed by the search of either a property or a business opportunity that catches your eye.

What do you need to get an Investment Visa?

The requirements for obtaining any of the European golden visas change depending on the current immigration policies for each country. Overall, the majority of nations offering residence by investment programs agree on the following basic terms:

  1. Being of legal age
  2. Having enough resources to commit to a substantial investment
  3. Proof of legality of your resources
  4. No criminal record
  5. A high proficiency in the official language of the country you are applying to

How much do I have to invest to obtain an Investment Visa?

The amount you will have to invest will depend on the country of your choosing. However, you should know that rates can range from $250 thousand EUR up to $2.5 million pounds (for the Tier 1 Investment Visa). The area of investment will also play a significant role, since you can choose to invest in donations, government funds, purchase of property or starting a business.

What is the Duration of a EU Golden Visa?

Most investment visas are valid for 2 to 3 years, this however can differ from program to program. Once your visa expires, you can apply for a renewal, and in some cases you may also apply for a permanent residency or even citizenship depending on the periods established by each country.

Best Investor Visa Programs

There are many investment programs all over the world. Nevertheless, programs for countries in the EU are in particularly high demand, regardless of whether you are looking to travel freely across Europe and America, or something as simple as relocating to your country of choice.

Every EU country looking to attract investments through their programs, offer the benefits of a Golden Visa in exchange. Yet there are those who stand above others because of their advantages and the overall speed in delivering the final document.

Golden Visa Program for Greece

Visa de inversi贸n Grecia

At the top of the list of EU countries offering investor visa programs is Greece, a nation with an astounding history, world-renowned culture, architecture and a very desirable weather. Greece is the finest option for entering Europe due to the benefits it offers its investors:

  1. Founding member of the EU and part of the Schengen Zone
  2. Pleasant mediterranean weather with 320 days of sun
  3. 519 Blue Flag certified beaches and a coastline spanning 16,000 km
  4. Friendly and hospitable people, a relaxed lifestyle and excellent culinary culture
  5. Advanced infrastructure and experience in professional services
  6. Excellent real estate investment: low prices and rents on the rise
  7. High level country with a low cost of living
  8. Your visa can be extended to immediate family (spouse, single children under 21 years of age and dependent parents)

Advantages of Greece’s Investor Visa Program over other EU countries

The advantages that make Greece the best option to invest in are:

  1. $250,000 EUR starting investment. The lowest in the EU
  2. A record month and a half visa processing time, the fastest in all the world
  3. No minimum stay required for renewals on residency permits
  4. Possibility to apply for Greek citizenship after 7 years

Interested in learning more about the Greek Golden Visa? View the full program here

Investor Visa Program in Portugal

Programa Golden Visa de Portugal

Portugal’s investor visa program offers many opportunities to all newcomers, making it the second most popular due to its many investment options. Also, it is a country with an abundant natural and cultural richness. Some of the most remarkable benefits of the Portuguese visa are:

  1. EU country and part of the Schengen Zone
  2. Warm mediterranean weather with more than 290 days of sun per year
  3. Safe, stable and protected nation
  4. A wealth of cultural sites and a rich heritage
  5. World renowned professional services companies available
  6. Wide range of investment opportunities ready for liquidation

Advantages of Portugal’s Investor Visa Program

Noteworthy in Portugal are:

  1. Investments start on $350,000 EUR
  2. Visa processing time is only 6 months
  3. No minimum stay required
  4. Possibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years

Curious about all the investment options Portugal has to offer? Get the full program here

Investor Visa Program in Spain

visa de inversionista Espa帽a

Spain has always stood out because of its vibrant culture, history, architecture, and gastronomy. For some time now, the European country has also become a favorite amongst investors from all Spanish speaking countries. If you are looking for a second passport by investment, one free of both cultural and language barriers, then look no further.

Some of the benefits on investing in Spain are:

  1. Visa free travel inside the Schengen Zone
  2. Access to permanent residency after 2 years (applicable to Latin American citizens only)
  3. Family Reunification Program
  4. Profitable and safe country
  5. The investor’s residency is the only one without any stay requirements in Spain which, as an investor, frees you from having to get a tax residency

Advantages of Spain’s Investor Visa Program

The benefits that make Spain an excellent alternative are:

  1. Investment options starting from $500,000 EUR
  2. 3 month golden visa approval
  3. No minimum stay required
  4. Options for Spanish and double citizenships

Would you like to know more about the application requirements for Spain’s investor visa? Find everything here

Investor Visa Programs Currently Available

CountryInvestment (USD)Type
Caiman Islands$2,400,000Residency
United Kingdom$2,700,000Residency
New Zealand$600,000Residency
United States$500,000Residency

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